Mobile sorting complex - KSA-150

The mobile sorting complex КСА-150 was designed and manufactured for the processing plant "ALROSA" in Yakutia and is intended for the extraction of granular material at placer deposits. The design took into account the operating experience of the operating complex КСА-100.

Complex composition

  • Deroker GPR-3 — 2 шт;
  • Spiral classifier 1KSN20 — 2 шт;
  • Circular motion vibrating screen Type GISL-62;
  • Belt conveyor AK-01 — 2 шт;
  • Pump installation;
  • Control cabin;
  • Electrical equipment (cabinet and control panel);
  • Support metal structures.

How the complex works

The mountain mass is fed by a pogrzchik to the sheet of a deloker. The washing and screening of the rock mass is carried out with the wave-like movement of the surface and irrigation on the derkoker. Oversize class +50 mm dumped into the dump. The undersize product is transported by the flow of water along an inclined bottom of the saucker and then goes along the trays to a spiral classifier.


Further washing of the material occurs in the spiral classifier. The sands are discharged into a tray along which with the help of additionally supplied water is transported to the vibrating screen. Sludge through the drain threshold is removed to the hydraulic dump.


The final washing of the material and its dehydration is carried out on the vibrating screen with the sprinkler. The oversize product of the upper tier of sieves of class +25 mm is unloaded onto a belt conveyor and transported to the dump. The oversize product of the lower tier of sieves of class + 1.2-25 mm is unloaded onto another belt conveyor and transported for further processing. The undersize product of the lower tier gets into the sump of the screen and is transported by gravity pump or gravity flow to the hydraulic dump.


The pumping unit with 3 pumps is used for sprinkler irrigation and vibrating screens. Each pump is mounted on its pontoon. One of the pumps is redundant.


The customer decides independently:

  • issues related to the equipment of the complex to water supply and hydro-transport including design and construction of bulk and hydraulic structures;
  • external power supply issues.


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